Reflections about Loloma Tantra

Attending spiritual retreats and courses is literally part of my life. I make it a priority to attend a meditation/yoga or self-development course once a year. It’s really I feel, part of what makes me the person I am growing into up to this present moment. This year is quite important, as I will be turning 40 on 17th June, which I feel is a milestone age for me. This will be the first time that I embrace my age and self. I am happy to be turning 40, it’s just a number and spiritually I am in a good space. Last weekend 7-8 June I attended the Loloma Tantra festival. What a beautiful one and a half days of connecting with global family! The best part of the festival was teaching yoga to new friends. There would have been about 20 people doing yoga on the law at beautiful and magically situated Fiji Beachouse in Korolevu. Imagine, raising your arms up to the blue, sunny sky while inhaling clean, pure air and then exhaling your arms down by your sides, again releasing all that’s no longer needed from your body. I cannot think of anything more magical! I taught for about one hour, fifteen minutes which is my standard length of a yoga class. The style that I offer is “Heart of Yoga” which is mindful movement following your inhale and exhale. The breath leads and ends each movement. This simple style of yoga, from my reviews by students really allows people to connect with the breath. It’s simple but very effective, it’s like a deep massage and relaxant for the entire physical, spiritual and emotional body. Teaching yoga at this festival reiterated that I’m on the right path to growing into a yoga teacher and guide. Teaching yoga for me, is something that comes from a deep and loving space of course, with my constant learning and also acknowledging my blocks. I found several sessions to be really beneficial to my body; these included releasing stuff from the root chakra via inhale and exhales (rocking the pelvis up) while lying on your back with knees bent, raising arms above the head with inhale, exhaling with pelvis thrust and saying “Ahhh” or “Hah”. Then, we were guided by the wonderful Sexuality Coach (Top expert in USA), Laurie Handlers to then dance with eyes closed to Shakira’s “Hips don’t lie” listen to the song here:, then stopping still with eyes closed and shouting any word/sound that comes out…how empowering – I loved the entire session! I realized, that I kept stuff inside my solar plexis/root chakra and yes it all came out! After this session, I felt so free like I had space to breath from my lower belly….WOWWWW! The other session that I loved and connected deeply with was facilitated by Buddhi Dana, from Israel. He guided us into the tantra dance. Each of us had to partner up with someone. The person who covered their eyes with an eye shade was Shiva and Shakti kept her/his eyes open without the eye shade (I think…hahaha). Shakti lead the dance, embracing with her/his partner and dancing to the tune of the music. At one point in the exercise (it lasted for one hour solid), I didn’t know if I was Shiva or Shakti. The dance was very deep, it taught me about letting go, trusting and moving my body to the energy of the other person. The last dance was to George Michael’s, “Careless Whisper” where I completely let go and twirled my partner into a dance of wonderment, to which he (Shiva) really enjoyed the dance, because I had completely let go and trusted my energy and his energy. Additionally, the song by George Michael is one I know and connect with (I’m an 80’s baby musically speaking 😊). After the tantra dance, the facilitator quietly told me, that he felt this dance was something I needed and he was right. However, the effect of the dance was very profound, that I had to stop myself from attending other sessions and rest completely in my room. I rested the entire Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning. I listened to my body and allowed myself to rest. The next morning, when I awoke, I felt healed and lighter, like I had shed layers of heavy stuff (whatever that is). Following the end of the festival, I then connected with several people via deep conversations especially with a few enlightened men, who are on a journey to heal themselves. It occurred to me, that these are the men who will empower other men, who need healing with their sexuality, to become more in tune with their bodies and then, when this awareness occurs, respect for themselves is felt with deeper and loving intimate relationships that follow. One of them has invited me to teach yoga in New Zealand and this invitation, I am grateful for. I will write more soon but this is what I am currently processing and I am grateful for the experience to connect with like minded beings, nature, yoga and friendship!

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