As I continue reflecting on my experiences at Loloma Tantra Festival, two things that came up for me today were the empowerment of female friends and collaboration with other likeminded spiritual women. Organizing the Tantra Loloma festival took ceaseless collaboration with two women in particular: Marilyn Cornelius and Louise Claire. Marilyn and I live in Fiji whilst Lou lives in New Zealand. Our collaborations for organizing logistics related to the festival were done via messenger. Social media is such a powerful tool now, that organizing events can be done well through this platform. Our continuous flow and ease in e.g. organizing the “Heart of Business” panel involved a lot of channeling on my part (channeling is listening to the intuition), names of people who I felt were connected to their heart just flowed. One of the women we had felt to be on the panel was Alumeci, a local Fijian woman living in Taveuni, whom I met last year at the Yoga Teacher Training with Mark Whitwell. Alumeci is a true craftswoman and yogini, she makes hand woven mats and earrings out of dried pandanus leaves, known as Masi in Fijian. Masi also known as Tapa according https://digitalcommons.unl.edu/tsaconf/874/ is a traditional material which is made by the inhabitants of many of the islands in the Pacific region. This material is made from the bark of the young mulberry tree, which is soaked in water, beaten with mallets and formed into sheets. Mter drying, the Masi is decorated with traditional designs created by stencils, patterns and/or free-hand drawing. Aside from making mats and earrings, Alumeci also teaches and does yoga. We both have something in common, in that our yoga teacher is Mark Whitwell. I was also advising Alumeci about her yoga teaching and giving her tips about yoga books that she could use when planning her classes. I understood what she was going through as I too, went through times of insecurity before I started teaching yoga formally in the first week of June 2018. Alumeci has now become my friend. Whilst at the Loloma Tantra festival, the organizers who are part of the International School of Temple Arts (https://www.schooloftemplearts.org/ ) during the closing circle at the ceremony, shared that there was one scholarship available for a Fijian to attend a one week level 1 ISTA course. The organizers did not share details of what the course would cover but ISTA itself is a non profit educational organization, founded in 2007 and their mission is to generate a loving culture and spread this culture via trainings and workshops in other parts of the world. After hearing this, I felt that Alumeci would be suitable to attend ISTA and proceeded to let Louise know about this, with Alumeci’s permission. I was very happy that at least a local woman, whom I had met through yoga in Taveuni is attending this once in a lifetime opportunity and again this is an example of women empowerment. However, one of the things I’ve learnt is to discern, if sharing knowledge about something with another woman is safe. In other words, will this woman be worthy of what I share with her, is she genuine? I felt that Alumeci was genuine and had no hidden agenda. Ceaseless collaborations and empowerment of women through sharing similar values is something, that is happening more and more for me. I let my heart guide me but taking the time, to feel into my heart to know it is the right collaboration or decision.  

Alumeci and Ilana,
Post Tantra Dance


  1. Wonderful how your heart is leading you and showing you how to connect beautiful entrepreneurs together in service. Your yoga is blissful and yogasmic. Thank you for your gifts! Please keep sharing them! Love you!

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