Let go, Let God. Letting go of expectations is key to living a successful and more abundant life. Last night, I enjoyed making coleslaw for a work function and realized that the process of making coleslaw, grating carrots and cutting cabbage allowed me to live in the moment and be creative. How does making coleslaw relate to living in the moment you may ask?

I realized, while making the coleslaw, that I had thought a lot about the process of making the coleslaw, from how much mayonnaise to put, how much carrots and cabbage to put, that would enable a fair mix. This thought process of the coleslaw began from my gym work out, the activity I was doing before returning home.

It was whilst I was making the coleslaw, that I realized how life is beautiful when you live in the moment, enjoying each activity one step at a time. So, for me, while I was doing my exercises at the gym, I did get distracted (during my sun salutation) by the people around me and that’s when I was not living in the moment, my mind was focusing on the future. Once, I closed my eyes and focused on my breath, movement of arms, etc…everything else including the hype of activity dissipated into thin air.

It was the same with the coleslaw making process. When I focused on each step from washing the carrots and cabbage, peeling and grating the carrots, cutting the cabbage, adding mayonnaise to the mix and then enjoying the intense process of integrating all ingredients together, I found myself really living in the moment, which allowed me to be creative.

The message here is when we become present in each activity that we do, we become creative. This is where authenticity happens, where we become our true selves.

Coleslaw, I made last night.

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