Relax and Let Go

Life is about letting go of what holds you back in your own mind, including fear and words like “I’m tired,” “how much further do I have to go” or “this is too hard”. Basically, you just need to “get out of your own way”. Had a great day of conquering some of my own mind blocks (i.e. mind fucks). I managed to climb up a wall (almost to the top lol) with Rock Climbing Fiji, an initiative/small business established by Manasa Daunakamakama.

Manasa is an inspiring Fijian, who resigned from his day job at Goodman and Fielder. He returned to Fiji and established his business,Rock Climbing Fiji with the goal of encouraging Fijians to spend more time in the outdoors away from their computers, mobile phones and experience living via nature/exercise/rock climbing. His experience whilst living abroad involved playing rugby in Australia and learning about the outdoors in New Zealand.

While climbing up the wall, my ego mind (which is very powerful if you allow it to be) was whispering to me “I’m tired”, “this is too hard” and as well, I was terrified of letting go of the wall with my hands which were gripped to the rocks. This activity is 100% safe and you can even somersault upside down if you wanted to! I did great though, managed to make it almost to the top. One of Manasa’s funny stories about the climb was to grip onto the big green rock, located before you reach the top. He likened the big green rock to finding a “suitable husband”, who provided safety, stability and confidence (something like that). Funnily enough, I managed to grip onto a potential husband, i.e. the big green rock and that’s where my body decided to stop. Anyway I will be back, it’s a great outdoor activity to strengthen the mind, body and spirit. Even my 77 year old mum had a go with climbing up lol, she stepped up to one rock.

Fijians are naturally wired for healthy living and that’s what Manasa envisions for this beautiful land, to see all Fijians spending time outdoors and beating Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Here are the four lessons which I extracted from listening to Manasa’s story of quitting his day job to becoming a full time rock climbing instructor and business owner:

  1. The journey is more important than the destination in reaching your goals.
  2. Connect with like minded people who are following their dreams to become their true selves (authentic selves).
  3. Remember not to give up and enjoy the journey.
  4. When your ego gets in the way via “mind fucks”, just keep going and if you need to rest, do. Your body knows best.

Photo credits: Photo number 1: Rock Climbing Fiji. Photo number 2: Head to Toe.

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