An Outer Transformation

It has been awhile since I have written in my blog. I need inspiration to write! Today is the day I am feeling inspired after an outer transformation last night at my home. My wonderful hairdresser (I cannot really call him that, but it feels like that) visited my home and imparted his talent of hair transformation…I was looking for a hairdresser for about one month now, with none available in Suva city, or at least a decent one, who understands my hair. I am usually conservative when it comes to vanity including my hair.

Never the less, I had somehow magically found a friend’s post on Instagram, with her outer transformation image, stating that Stanley Morrell had cut her hair and included a bonus service of offering his driver (yes, he has a driver darling) to drive her to the airport for an early morning flight, perfect! As the saying goes, ‘There are hairdressers, and then there are hairdressers!’ He works in people’s spaces, in other words, taking his talent to where he’s needed. I just love that! I allowed Stanley to place his magic scissors and hands on my hair and just trusted that he would do a great job. It’s all about trust, letting go and letting GOD.

And that’s exactly what happened at my house last night. It was a wonderful evening of sharing our stories including his own story of struggle working for other people, not being appreciated and his ways of people pleasing, including spending all his energy making other people happy, when at the same time, he was neglecting his own self. Wala! I said ‘self-love’!! I am also on a self-discovery journey, having recently turned 40 in June and finding out that, life at 40 is far better than I ever dreamed of. I am comfortable in my own skin and now hairdo. I do not care what people think of me and I am on a self-love, self-care journey. My motto is ‘authenticity first’. Back to Stanley’s hair transformation.

Before I had the haircut, I was feeling low on energy, even my head felt heavy. After about 4 hours of Stanley’s hair cutting, coloring and texturizing, my head felt lighter and my heart felt open to what life is offering. This was the first experience I’ve had of having my hair cut with a feeling of complete trust and heart opening. Stanley is not just a hairdresser, he runs his own beauty and make up wedding business in Nadi, the western part of Fiji’s main Island, Viti Levu. He shared his experience of hosting more than 200 weddings a year with a mix of local and international clients. He is grateful that, he has come to this point in his life as he tried serving in Australia but then realized his that heart is in Fiji.

I am also on that path, as I will be attending my second yoga teacher training in Hyderabad, India in August and am about to embark on my flight out next week Monday! Stanley’s message to me was loud and clear: ‘Self-love and living authentically, to be you and own your style’ is crucial to being a successful human being. That’s what I see of Stanley, he embodies his heart in his work. That’s true success, when your inner transformation leads to an outer transformation. So be willing to embrace your scars, dig deep into your heart, face your demons, then the rest will take care of itself.

One thought on “An Outer Transformation

  1. Amazing makeover…the inner light shines outwardly and blesses the world! Thanks Stanley! Such talent!


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