Retreat to Recharge

I don’t know about you but I feel it’s time for a retreat in nature. Feeling the stresses and fast pace of city life, I feel my body tensing up. Waking up this morning with a bad neck ache and bummed that it’s happening today, as I’m teaching yoga classes this afternoon, is not a place I like to be in (but acknowledge this is how I feel). Which brings me to the theme of this blog entry. Retreat to recharge. When was the last time you stepped into nature, turning off your mobile phone and just connecting with your inner self?

If you’re an introvert like me and crave alone time, then you maybe interested in an upcoming “Relax and Rejuvenate in Rakiraki Retreat” on 28 February – 1 March at a quaint orphanage and church retreat, turned budget hotel called The Beehive Fiji, run by Mark Hirst. I am co-facilitating the retreat with Dr Marilyn Cornelius, Dr Margaret Cornelius and Alumeci Vakayarovosa. These powerful women all bring their innate talents to this beautiful retreat. Marilyn is a Heartfulness meditator and preceptor who will be offering heartfulness meditation sessions. Margaret will be offering lifestyle/nutrition classes with her wealth of knowledge about diabetes and non communicable diseases (NCDs), a serious issue for Fijians. Alumeci will be weaving her knowledge (literally) through mat weaving classes and selling hand woven yoga mats to retreat participants. I will be offering my knowledge and experience of Yoga using breath and movement. This is our first retreat together as a collective and I’m excited about what will unfold.

Life has indeed become challenging what with the rise of NCDs, use of technology e.g social media including constant updates on Facebook, extremely demanding jobs and the rise in cost of living. What can we do to better manage these everyday challenges? Retreat and take short escapes from your daily routine even if for a few days!

If you feel the call in your heart and soul, please send me an email via and I’ll be happy to send you more information including cost and program details.

You will not regret the gift you will give to yourself through this retreat in Rakiraki. Until you refill your own cup, how can you offer the world your gifts and give to those you love?

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