You have Time – Day 1 of the Suva Retreat

It is day one of the fourteen day Suva lockdown announced by the Fijian Prime Minister on Thursday, April 3 2020 as two new cases of COVID19 were revealed. I would like to rephrase the narrative from a Suva lockdown to a Suva retreat. I choose to be grateful for this time to stay home and work on activities that I have not had the chance to do. For example, I do not consider myself tech savvy. Earlier this morning, I spent some time hosting a watch party on my facebook yoga page (I am not tech savvy but have the time to be now). The watch party was for a webinar by the global Hearfulness leader, Kamlesh D. Patel affectionately known as Daaji. He talked about the importance of maintaining good health during this pandemic and described three tips which included the ancient Indian yogic practise of jalaneti which is a nasal cleansing practice using warm saline water. Watch Daaji’s webinar here. This time is allowing me to manage my social media pages and connect with my yoga students, who are consider as my community/tribe.

Today, I will choose to be grateful for the changes that are happening in my internal and external world. Let us move through our day and notice the many blessings. Taking the time to slow down, there is no rush to get anywhere really, is there?

Why not see this time as precious. The time is to retreat at home and within, to uncover parts of ourselves and mindfully select activities, that we enjoy or wish to cultivate. Choose one activity for the two week retreat, that you will focus on and take your time to be absorbed in it. Do not rush to finish the task but bask in its entirety for we now have time.

Please share one activity that you are focusing on doing during the two week retreat (aside from your day job). Today, I will choose to finish reading one book per week. I am currently reading book number 3 from the “Conversations with God” series by Neale Donald Walsch. I will write more later about this beautiful book by one of my favourite spiritual writers.

Reading as a suggested activity during the two week Suva retreat.


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