Day 2 of Suva Retreat – What will I have for Dinner?

Today is Saturday, it is the weekend already. I have lost count of the days and actually thought today was garbage collection day, hahaha. I woke up quite late and then spent one hour connecting with my Canadian friend from Montreal, Lindsay on messenger video. If there is anything positive that is arising out of this pandemic, it is that I am reconnecting with old friends. Lindsay and I reminisced about our times in Agra, India when we spent our days studying Hindi and traveling to the beautiful sites in and around Agra.

What made me happy today was an exchange of words with the check out lady at Joe’s Farm supermarket. I preceded to pay for the many cans of tomatoes, a few red capsicums, lettuce, an onion and a potato. As an introvert, I have realised that I do love being around people but this physical distancing has had a bit of a toll on my mental state. Speaking with the lady at the supermarket, sharing how I was going to cook pasta for dinner simply made my day. By the way, I am finding pasta to be my best food item…easy to cook. I sometimes add frozen veges, canned tomatoes and fresh basil from my garden to the dish. Ensure to do 30 minutes of cardio or yoga so that your waistline does not regret it :-).

I have been eating much less in recent days, only having one main meal today. Most of my energy is spent just trying to deal with this pandemic. I will be gentle with myself and not think about the future as it is obvious that our days are unpredictable.

I happened to turn my TV on this evening and regretted it. Witnessing the Government argue in Parliament about why COVID19 is here and the various Ministers blaming each other for it. Now is not the time to argue or fight, it is the time to unite, to love and gather as a community.

If there is another lesson I am learning at this crucial time, it is also that having a close set of friends and family are very important. I have found that I can rely on less than five friends and family (maybe) and to this, I am grateful. I also realise that each person is fighting their own battles. I try not to take it personally, when someone says something that is negative, I just know they are simply reliving their traumas. That is perfectly human. I am not perfect, nobody is.

I know that what is happening in the world now is beyond my control. What I can control is how I live my life and that the choices I make are empowering to my soul.

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