Day 3 of Suva Retreat – A Global Healing

I release
I remember the female ancestors who walked the earth before me
My mother
My grandmother
My aunts
Women of strength and resilience
I channel their energies
At a time
When Gaia is healing
Unleashing her anger
Her power
Her softness
As I meditated with millions

Via an Ascension Timeline Meditation

To heal Gaia

Entering the Celestial Stargate
We are healing
She is healing
Awakening to her lost inner light
She is us
We are her
Release it all
Now is the time
To heal
To rest
To integrate
To connect and meditate.

Note: This poem is dedicated to my female ancestors. I channel your resilience and enduring strength, much needed at this time in human history as I witness a new pandemic and rise of natural disasters.

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