The Face Mask

It is day number “I cannot remember” of my Suva Retreat. Days pass me by like clouds floating fleetingly by. Today was the day when I made a conscious choice to wear a face mask. I read a bit about it (but not obsessively) on the World Health Organisation (WHO) website and WHO WhatsApp chat group. According to WHO, wearing a face mask is for those who are infected with COVID19 or a frontline worker ie. nurse, doctor or medical worker caring for those infected with COVID19. Then, why did I wear a mask you may ask?

Before I elaborate on why I wore a face mask, firstly let me say how I found a lovely, sustainable mask right here in my local city of Suva. Known as on Instagram, the small business owner whom I bought the mask from makes beautifully crafted island printed masks (in vibrant colours). I opted for material face masks as they are environmentally friendly, i.e washable as opposed to disposable masks, which are thrown away after wearing them once. The disposable face masks should be left on the shelf for frontline workers. I was debating for about a week whether to wear a mask or not. Then, upon visiting the small business owner’s instagram account, watched a short video made in the Czech Republic whereby it was explained that aside from social distancing and strict hygenic procedures, everyone in the Czech Republic has to wear a face mask and this is the reason why the country’s rate of COVID19 cases has slowed down. Aside from watching this video, my good friend and fellow meditator, Dr Marilyn Cornelius had been advocating the importance of wearing a mask which not only protects you from COVID19 but also those who are vulnerable such as the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. These were sufficient reasons for me to then purchase my first face mask.

My general observations about wearing the face mask are:

  1. While shopping at various supermarkets and outdoor markets, the mask allowed me to connect within. Why? Well, it allows me to take deep breaths as breathing is somewhat constricted with a piece of material covering my mouth. I suffered from Claustrophobia as a teenager.
  2. I have been following various Spiritual teachers on instagram and note they identify the COVID19 pandamic with a global spiritual awakening.

The main lesson I am learning from the face mask is what we really fear can awaken us.

The Face Mask masking my “fear”.

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