Dealing with a Global Depression

How do we feel inspired as we move through a global depression? I will be honest. I am not feeling inspired nor motivated at this present time. I would like to share some brief observations about my experiences within the last two weeks of the Suva lockdown.

1. Sitting with my emotions – This has been really hard for me to do over the last few months, what with moving from the corporate world of working for the United Nations into teaching yoga. The current global pandemic has allowed me to finally sit with my emotions of guilt, sadness and yes frustration. I woke up with a stiff neck yesterday and I have noted slight tension along with pain in the base of my neck (on the right side). Perhaps it is important to notice any bodily sensations that are arising for you at this time. Make a mental note or write it down. Does the sensation make you feel sad, guilty, etc…? Notice how you feel when you start to sit with your emotions.

2. Letting go of what no longer serves me – It was a full pink moon a few days ago. I read a few social media posts about it, admiring beautiful pictures of the pink moon and noticing how a full moon is a perfect time to let go, release what no longer serves. Today, I decided to write a “letter to God” and released relationships that are no longer loving as well as acknowledge that it is time to begin new relationships and start new projects. I will remain open to what God/source has to offer me. After writing a few pages, I then proceeded to burn the letter and release all negative emotions.

3. Starting new projects – I am not one to enjoy cleaning (who does?). But the time spent at home has allowed me to clear the clutter and also spend time cleaning my house. Today, I washed and shone my car. It felt really good. Cleaning does not have to be a robotic activity. I turned up some 70s music and used that to keep me focused on the task at hand. I have decided that I will enjoy the project of cleaning and will take time to declutter my house. I will let go of stuff that I do not need anymore like old clothes, shoes and just decide what I will keep, donate or sell. What projects are you starting or wanting to start?

4. Find one thing that inspires – I found myself slipping into brain fog and depression over the last week. Sleeping in and just basically feeling unmotivated. Today, after talking with my Canadian friend over messenger, we both felt the current pandemic has left us feeling unmotivated and depressed. It was after talking to her that I decided to find one thing that inspires me on a daily basis. Today, it was the task of cleaning my car. I find walking my dog Kubu each morning on the beach near my house to be very healing as well. What are some things that inspire you each day?

We are facing unprecedented times almost akin to what our ancestors faced during the World Wars. It is normal to slip into all sort of emotions. What is important is to acknowledge how you feel, notice any emotions that come up and find those things that inspire you each day. Stay well everyone!

It’s time to clean out your psyche. 

Let go of all the resentments and judgements towards yourself and others. 

Don’t let the past or what someone has done be an excuse to block your own alignment. 
Reclaim your power. 

Own your vibration.

Source: @theglobalsisterhood (Instagram)

2 thoughts on “Dealing with a Global Depression

  1. Beautiful dear, thanks for sharing and keeping it real. I’m finding writing, editing, and cover design inspiring and the latin dance workouts are amazing too. Powered by meditation twice daily, so glad to have found my groove!

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