The Little Things

Today is the end of my city’s lockdown. Nevertheless, life is still the same. I now leave my house for my daily walk or to shop for groceries. Since feeling a deep heaviness for the last week, I decided to resume my daily walks along the beautiful Suva seawall. Self care has been apart of my life for many years. Why is it so hard to stick to self care at this time?

I woke up today, still feeling tension in my neck. I am finding the pandemic is making the small issues seem insurmountable. For example, my house has been infested with fleas for the last week, eeks! I am procrastinating about leaving my house to buy general groceries including some spray to kill the fleas (this is such a violent act and goes against my yogic principles of ahimsa). The fleas invaded my home post Tropical Cyclone Harold. According to google, fleas represent a need to take stock of one’s life…how appropriate for this time!

I am enjoying my facebook messenger calls to close friends. Thank goodness for technology. Social media has been helping me make sense of a chaotic world. I decided to take a facebook detox and use messenger to speak to friends. Taking a break from social media is allowing me to focus on my own life from fleas to how I am going to resume yoga classes. Yes yoga classes.

I never dreamt that I would be a yoga teacher. It has to be the most rewarding profession I have undertaken. I love the connection with students and the ability to show them how to breathe. Without breathing, we would be lifeless.

The little things like breathing, walking, speaking on social media platforms and researching ways to address the flea issue are bringing me into awareness of the things I value most. What are the little things you are grateful for today?

11 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Thanks for sharing. It definitely is a difficult time for everyone. Hope you continue on your path in divine time dear!

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    1. Yes, it’s the toughest time so far! Hopefully things will ease…the last 6 months have been tough times for me as you know. The death of my mum, caring for her, leaving my day job and now covid19. Oh well, this is life. It will get better with time. Time heals. I am trying to appreciate “the little things”.


  2. Reading you from Argentina, and still been quite in the same spot right now. It’s highly symbolic the fact that the world has come to a halt and we all need to step back and reflect. Same as you, Yoga keeps me focused and metally healthy in so many ways I had never thought of before. Having in mind this is a temporary situation that we have to undergo so as to grow and evolve. All my good and yogui energies for you!

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    1. How lovely to e meet you. I am finding blogging also therapeutic. Yes, it is a tough time for the entire globe. Yoga has been my life line. However, I am sleeping more now hahaha. But yes this is a temporary situation as you write…could be a while before we “return to normalcy” but normal will be different now. My positive energy to you as well my dear. Thanks for commenting, appreciate it :-).

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      1. Absolutely! I just read in another blog I followed you were having a hard time and decided to reach out! The blogging world is warm and therapeutic too!


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