Have you ever felt lonely in a crowd? Surrounded by many people you love, but still having feelings of emptiness, pain and isolation? I know I have.

Some tools that have helped me overcome loneliness include : meditation (click here to download a free loneliness meditation by Teal Swan), yoga, qigong and dance. All these practises are done to connect mind, body and soul.

As a lightworker, it is now time to share my gifts with the world. What is needed now more than ever is the ability to go within. My observations over the last month during this pandemic are revealing to me that people need connection now more than ever. The universe is shifting into a new paradigm and there is no returning to the old ways of living.

Are you ready to let go what no longer serves you (like toxic relationships, ego, unhealthy habits, etc…)? It is time to go inside.

Reference: Teal Swan online shop:

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