You are Enough

I have been decluttering my life. Physically, spiritually and emotionally. It is a messy process. It takes a lot of patience, pain and sacrifice. Since my mother died last year, I started to declutter my family home, selling her things and some of mine too. As a yoga teacher, I believe in living a life of “less is more”. Having less stuff means less emotional attachment. The recent COVID pandemic has revealed that the Capitalist system where companies advertise their products using fancy marketing tag lines , is failing. Why do you need to buy one more lipstick? Or one more pair of jeans? Buying equates to the feeling of lack, that you are not enough. I am here to tell you that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are not defined by your make up, your jeans or even partner. In a system where we were told that we had to be a certain way, the lack of self love is now a pandemic. I have suffered this my entire life. Not feeling good enough, confident enough in myself. Until I found the spiritual practice of Yoga, which literally translates to union. My teacher, Mark Whitwell was my first “real” teacher. I connected with his teachings, with his energy and he was the first teacher who told me that I was enough. As I continue to declutter my family home to make it my own, I reflect on the theme of “less is more”. I now have a smaller friend circle, less material things and do not focus on what I do for a living. Instead, I focus on the little things, like walking my dogs on the beach and ensuring that my health is at optimum level. What ways are you lessening the clutter in your life?

You are Enough. Source: Pinterest.

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