Cyclones and Flowing

2020 has been a tough year to say the least what with COVID and two cyclones which affected Fiji. It is a leap year too.

I am going through my second Cyclone for 2020, this one is called Yasa which translates to neighbourhood. Yasa is a category 5 system known to have dangerous wind speeds up to 350 km per hour. I found myself with increased anxiety over the last few days in the build up to the Cyclone because at the root of my fear was a drowning incident I went through during early University days whereby I participated in white water rafting.

What I realize is that embracing my fear and anxiety is part of the process and I must flow with it. Instead of listening to the constant banter on social media, I also allow myself to step back from that because it only exacerbates my fears.

If anything , life is teaching me that natural disasters are the way of mother nature cleansing human’s evil doings but that if I continue to be a good human being, I will be protected.

Prayers and meditations going out to those in Fiji who are currently being affected by Cyclone Yasa.

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