Act 1, scene 2: Suva Retreat

Today was a relatively active day for me. With the Suva lockdown ending last week Friday, I decided to venture out into town to complete a few important tasks like paying my taxes. The city’s energy felt “normal” and I am greatly appreciating the interconnectedness of life. Whilst at the bank in Suva, it was nice to witness people practicing social distancing, while lining up outside, only because there were floor stickers in place to separate everyone by 2 metres. I noted that inside the bank, it was a different scene. The security guard had to remind people to keep their distance. I found myself constantly being mindful of those around me. In a sense, things are normal…but not.

What does it mean to live out these days? We are actors having to repeat scenes from a major play and the act is still part 1. We are reminded to keep moving and evolving into a new reality.

Today, I felt myself slipping into relaxed mode. Having a knowing, that life is changing, shifting and our world is not the same. It feels like a dream but we are asked to remain awake and conscious to what is playing out before us. We are the actors living out our dreams. Let us stay awake and not fall asleep, as we did in scene 1.

What are some scenes from your “play” that feel like change?

Source of image: Teal Swan. The vibrant “Arcturian Immunity Grid” drawn by International Speaker, Teal Swan.
I am a big fan of her work. This is a multi dimensional healing grid, providing immunity and protection for the vulnerable. Refer to Teal’s website for more information.

4 thoughts on “Act 1, scene 2: Suva Retreat

  1. Excellent piece with a potent analogy. Love it, thank you! Agree we must awaken…sleepwalking is dangerous!

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