Making Space

This week I had the opportunity to resume repainting and fixing my old family home. The Fijian Government has allowed its citizens to gather with less than 20 people since Monday this week, provided that physical distancing is followed and if there is nothing people have to do, to stay home. Today, I decided to … Continue reading Making Space


Day 3 of Suva Retreat – A Global Healing

I releaseI remember the female ancestors who walked the earth before meMy motherMy grandmotherMy auntsWomen of strength and resilienceI channel their energiesAt a timeWhen Gaia is healingUnleashing her angerHer powerHer softnessAs I meditated with millions Via an Ascension Timeline Meditation To heal Gaia Entering the Celestial Stargate We are healingShe is healingAwakening to her lost … Continue reading Day 3 of Suva Retreat – A Global Healing


Day 2 of Suva Retreat – What will I have for Dinner?

Today is Saturday, it is the weekend already. I have lost count of the days and actually thought today was garbage collection day, hahaha. I woke up quite late and then spent one hour connecting with my Canadian friend from Montreal, Lindsay on messenger video. If there is anything positive that is arising out of … Continue reading Day 2 of Suva Retreat – What will I have for Dinner?


LOLOMA TANTRA – A Festival of Love, Heartfulness and Egoless Collaboration

Loloma in Fijian means love. Tantra is a sanskrit word which means to "loom and weave”. “The essence of tantra is about being who we truly are; the biggest, fullest, richest version of ourselves. One’s true nature is already free and it’s only a matter of realising this. Tantra is the pathway - marrying spiritual … Continue reading LOLOMA TANTRA – A Festival of Love, Heartfulness and Egoless Collaboration

Fairytale Gone Wrong?

Thank you for writing this @lovelorn. I agree with your sentiments…resharing this .


Once upon a time, the world was One. It existed in harmony with all the elements of life, like paradise on earth. The laws of nature ran their course for many millenia before humans even entered the picture. Humans brought with them ingenuity, innovation and emotion, but also greed. The best of humanity sought to understand the Universe and live according to its ebbs and flows. They sought just enough to suit their needs and maintain the balance of life.

Then a time came when people saw fit to break the world into pieces, much like a jigsaw puzzle. But where a puzzle is meant to be put back together, these pieces started calling themselves ‘nations’ instead, and believing they were the only ones that mattered. They built fortress-like walls around their borders to protect them from the others. Those who were once their brothers and sisters, were now nothing…

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